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Edge of the World
I rewatched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. What a great movie.

I may have been listening to the Uncharted soundtrack again, too.

...Also for some reason I want to play Rise of the Tomb Raider.

In any case, here's Daring Do.
Darkest Dungeon - Through the Feuersturm
I will forever regret not taking a screenshot of my battle with Vvulf in Darkest Dungeon, so I drew it instead. Three virtues, one death.

The characters I had heading into the fight, in no particular order:
Digby, the Vestal. Only two (in-game) weeks ago, she was the sole survivor of a failed Champion expedition to sink the Drowned Crew permanently. I wasn't sure what to expect fighting Vvulf, so she was here for her redemption, and I figured I needed a healer more reliable than an Occultist. The first two encounters brought her to death's door. The enemies focus-stressed her. She was having none of it. She became Stalwart. When this happened, the enemies shifted their attacks to the Crusader and Leper.

Baldwin II, the Leper. The only character I've renamed in order to keep the legacy of my previous champion Leper. Unfortunately, he too died; bled out in the middle of the battle with Vvulf before his resolve was even tested.

Reynauld the Crusader and Dismas the Highwayman. Up until this point, I've been playing them fairly conservatively and trying to keep them alive for the achievement. Reynauld was the main target of Vvulf's bombs, but chose to be Courageous when he was brought to death's door. Dismas became Focused when he became the next target.

It was the most epic and close battle I've ever had in my gaming history outside of XCOM. Despite the triumphant outcome, they could have all died in an instant. Every turn was keeping them off Death's Door.

The idea to draw this battle has been floating around in my head for a while. I beat Vvulf five months ago.

In case you're curious, party order was:
Under the Apple Tree
That "apple" tree there has no apples. I spent the better part of an hour, just looking at what apple trees look like. I've seen them before, but I wanted to double check. They're short. Thin trunks. Somewhat curved. I then proceeded to discard everything I just learned for a simpler approach. Then again I do the same thing with Gothic architecture, so there's that. Not to this extent, but I digress.

Anyway, here's some teenage Cheerilee and Big Mac. I'm sure they were an item at one point. That's my new headcanon. Also despite what you might have surmised from previous works, I don't "support" MarbleMac shipping or anything like that, but some people got a little worked up about it. It's adorable, and all for fun! They are, after all, skittle-coloured talking miniature horses. Shippers are... intense.
Yes, I have been reading all the comments too, not that they haven't been entertaining.

Up next? Who knows. I do. It's not pony. Or it could be a combobreaker. After all, I have one quick sketch of little AJ in progress too. And pirate AJ. And workhorse/handypony AJ. Actually, just many Applejack drawings.
Darkest Dungeon Ruins - Impaled
We had run out of torches. One of my veteran Plague Doctors was afflicted by the constant splash of acrid wine from the Bone Courtiers and the dreadful revelations from forgotten tomes. She refused the option to retreat, despite two other party members being cut down already. A Bone Spearman showed us how lapses in judgement can lead to bleeding out on the pitiless ancient stones of the Ruins.

"Survival is a tenuous proposition in this sprawling tomb."
Adorable mail delivery buddies.

Breaking my months-long art block. Got a new graphics tablet a couple of weeks back and had no idea what to do with it. Here's Gabby and Derpy, being cute. Coming up next - Distinctly not pony.


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